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Project Catering for the Educational needs of the Slum children and the Vocational needs for the Community

The Slem development programme was initiated in the Sitarampuri Slum in Triveni Nagar, Jaipur in April 2006 with preparation of the community and opening of the actual school in July 2006 alongwith the Vocational trainings for the women and children.


To create an environment to develop the child’s full potential in the slum of Sitarampura and empower women with vocational skills.


To provide to the children of the slum of Sitarampura especially those belonging to the most vulnerable and deprived sections of the society together with providing them with opportunities for the overall development. Also empower women with vocational skills so as to meet their petty needs.


  1. To tap the creative abilities of the children with varied skills.
  1. To allow them to learn at their own pace
  1. To train them to become self sufficient
  1. To inculcate leadership qualities
  1. To promote self respect and develop their self esteem
  2. To bring about awareness regarding the social rights and responsibilities
  3. To empower women with vocational skills.


  1.  To develop a school catering for the deprived sections of the society catering to the Rajasthan Board/Open school involving a multigrade teaching system upto a standard of 8th board.
  2. Mainstreaming the children to well established schools after the 8th board.
  3. Vocational training to make them self sufficient for their life
  4. Life skills education for the Adolescents
  1. Improvement of Academic skills in other school going children: This is to provide value added education to those children attending their schools including Government schools by giving them extra coaching and hands on experience and providing them with recreational facilities in a conducive environment
  1. Developing good habits and improvement in their health status
  2. Developing Reading habits


Activities in the project

   1.    Community Involvement for the school. Regular meetings are held with the community. Parents meet on every No moon day to understand the problems of their children and also for their involvement.
   2.    Curriculum development  
   3.    Training of teachers for the curriculum, teaching methodology and also the books.
   4.    Registration of children: A registration format has been developed for each child enrolled.
   5. Vocational Activities: These consist of Beautician Basic course, Tailoring, Embroidery, carpet weaving and Lac work
  6. Computer training: The children of class 3 are being introduced to computer skills and also to the children coming for     coaching
 7. Coaching: Coaching is given to the children from other schools after 1.30 pm
 8. Activities with Adolescents and Youth regarding their issues and family life education
 9. Games and Music are a regular feature

Vihaan School

There is multilevel teaching from the Nursery to 7th standard level. Children from age 3 – 14 are attending the school. The Creche section has recently been added

The subjects being taught are:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Maths
  • Environmental Studies
  • General Science (Level 3 and above)
  • Social studies (Level 3 and above)
  • Moral Value Education

Activity Day is held on Each Wednesday. Crafts to increase the skills for creative development are focused. The following activities are carried out:

  • Drawing and painting
  • Candle making
  • Bags of paper, cardboard and cloth
  • Knitting
  • Stitching
  • Sequence work
  • Cards for various occasions and festivals depending on the month

 Computer classes

This activity is carried out regularly with the support of a trained computer teacher. One classroom is for the computer lab. 

Exams are held quarterly 


All National Days, festivals and International days for development are celebrated in the school.


There are a number of visitors who come to see the project.

Some of these include the visit by 7 senators from USA, a team from the BUPA insurance company,  a group of students and teachers from St. Christopher School, team from Grant Thornton .


This is an important activity for enhancing the skills of the Adolescent girls and the women.

  1. Lac Work: The women are being trained for
    • Jewelry making
    • Ash trays
    • Pens
    • Incense sticks holder
    • Mirrors
  2. Crochet
  3. Embroidery with sequence work
  4. Tailoring: Basic tailoring skills are being imparted to the girls.
  5.  Candle making: children are being taught to make candles of  all varieties


Each month volunteers have coming from all over the world

Children Enrolled

Initially 60 children were enrolled but this year 123 children have been enrolled.


  1. Irregularity of children especially near festivals
  2. Irregularity of payment of fees.
  3. Well-trained teachers are difficult to get since the payments are not so much so as to retain them in slums.
  4. Shortage of funds


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